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The Technical Rescue Team provides services for the SLO County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Unit, and to other agencies under the direction of the SLO County Sheriff, that require the technical expertise in controlled horizontal and vertical access and egress, including victim evacuation. The team training strives to provide a knowledge base for which each team member can draw upon and evaluate a situation and apply the ropework and rigging skills required to create a safe, effective, and efficient rescue system.


Team members knowledge and skills include safety procedures, equipment capabilities, knots, rappelling, belaying, ascending, anchors and anchor systems, rigging for raising and lowering systems, litter handling, patient packaging, single victim rescue, self-rescue, and problem solving. The environments that the team can find itself include vertical, high angle, and low angle cliff-side rope rescue, swiftwater and flood rescue, and urban heavy rescue. Safety of the Unit and its members is always the primary concern during all mission and training activities


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