San Luis Obispo County Search and Rescue .... so that others may live




The Ground Team provides the manpower for the Sheriff to search for missing persons in the unincorporated areas of San Luis Obispo County. When called in as mutual aid locally we provide our service to the cities within San Luis Obispo County. We also get called out by the State of California to provide mutual aid to other counties within California

All Search and Rescue members are trained in ground search. Every member has NASAR training and meets the national standards for Type III searchers. A majority of our members have advanced training to the level of Type II which requires passing written and field tests administered by NASAR.

Members have on going training in ground search skills, land navigation, GPS, Map and Compass, man tracking, and survival training. Trainings include practice searches, overnight campouts, classroom training and out of county training with other countries and State and Federal agencies.


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